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Disease of “Superson”

Disease of Superson

I am interested in health issue. I had been in medical research for 13 years. I didn’t deal with the patients but only worked in the laboratory. My daily task was to look after the cells in tubes and culture plates. I also analysed the tissues from the animals. Very rare human tissues were obtained. Of course the human urine and blood samples were not difficult to obtained. This job makes me uncomfortable as tissues mainly from animals which had to be killed. I must pray for these animals or I feel guilty.

I sometimes visited hospital. The hospital is large and one can lost his way in corridors. The car park is full and drivers slowly drive in the car park and waiting for a parking space. Someone has to park on the street nearby.

Millions of pound is spent in medical research. What is the result? The result is that more patients exist!

Have you thought why does this happen?

I have started looking after patients in their home two years ago. I am closer to patients. I can view inside or secret of unwellness. The secret is that we human is lack of discipline. We eat, use and desire more than our body can cope with. We consume more than we should in our lives.

Last Sunday, I visited a lady. When I entered her home, she was standing by her staircase. She was wobbly and dizzy. I helped her sit down in her settee. She sank there and was half faint. She told me that she was not well. Her memory only stays for 10 seconds. She asked the same questions again and again. She asked me, who tell you my address? Why you come here. Do you have your own family?

I told her that I have my own family, husband and children.

She still continue to ask me the same questions while she was laying on her back.

Because she has short memory, I can answer her question differently. So when she asked me the same question again, I told her, I don’t have husband and children. I am on my own.

To my surprise, she suddenly became better. She sit up and then stood up. She started looking after me. Until I left her, she still remembered that I had no family.

She poured me a drink, walked about and full of energy. She said: Listen, you can live with me and I will treat you as my daughter. How lucky I am today to know you.

According to her doctor, she suffers severe Alzheimer’s disease. She has been taking medication for her memory. However, while I was with her, I don’t think her brain has much problem but her heart. She couldn’t face that every one has family but she lives alone. She feels so sorry for herself. Her brain is full of self pity.

I call this disease of “Superson”. That mean a person is only healthy when her life is better than other people.

Each of us face this and that of trouble: We cannot achieve our goals, we cannot obtain our children’s respects, and we cannot spend money freely like other people, etc…

I certainly couldn’t make her better and nor her doctor. It is the same that family members can make me better and nor my doctors. Only I can help me better and keep me healthy. I have to hold my heart straight and discipline my life every day. In this way, I can contribute to NHS and release burden from doctors, society, family and friends by not to trouble them. I have looked after myself for two years. It means that I haven’t visited my GP for two years. You can do the same.

Let’s be free of disease of “Superson”.

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Today’s thought

Every day I have thought and I didn’t write down it and it’s gone.

If one has not a sentence to talk to you or to be with your interests for 5 mins, there is no business between you both.

People like lie more than truth as lie makes them comfort and truth makes them frightened.

If I want more friends, I need to lie more. Do I sacrifice my life to lie or should I keep living my life in a lonely truth? Lonely is not sad at all once you get use to it. It is a peaceful harbour.

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妳的美一缕飘散 去到我去不了的地方

天青色等烟雨 而我在等妳
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里

天青色等烟雨 而我在等妳
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 妳眼带笑意


在泼墨山水画里 妳从墨色深处被隐去

天青色等烟雨 而我在等妳
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里

天青色等烟雨 而我在等妳
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 妳眼带笑意

天青色等烟雨 而我在等妳
炊烟袅袅升起 隔江千万里

天青色等烟雨 而我在等妳
月色被打捞起 晕开了结局
如传世的青花瓷自顾自美丽 妳眼带笑意

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Hole punker

hole punker -google

Well, I don’t want to go back to sina blot. Other big webs also changed a lot. I lost many photos. I thought a big web is more reliable than my little web. In fact, it is wrong. Big companies are driven by their profit.

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这老头子住的旅店离他家有十五里路程,老头在旅店想家,跑出来了。他拿着手机,给女儿电话,给孙子电话,给重孙子电话,子孙们都顾不了他,让他自己打车回旅店。他走啊,乘公车啊,到天黑,饥寒交迫,被警察看到。他手机里有我的电话号码,警察给打我电话,先安慰我说,别怕,你没犯事。呵呵。然后,继续说,有这么一位老人,叫XX, 你认识吗?我说认识,现在住在某旅店。警察于是用警车把他送回旅店。这种事出现不下三回了。还有三回没丢,他确实摸回到他的家门口,多厉害!95岁。记得哟,看看你我95岁时能有啥壮举。




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Original Point – Great Medicine !

I listened to Original point and I couldn’t stop listening to it. How great it is to our daily lives. Then I went to listen to some stories of different patients in hospitals. I got conclusion that without equipment and laboratories, doctors cannot do anything. But Original Point can! How great it is.

We, in most situation, have no equipment, pills, laboratory near us. They are expensive and they need years of training. Original Point needs only three months for training. If you are talent, you can learn it within one month. Then with the knowledge of the Original Point theory and your two bare arms, you are well equipped and can save a life. Done!

Also, Original Point diagnoses much faster than hospitals do. It only takes a half minute to diagnose your problem in your health without harm your body at all, no blood, no cut, no scanning involved.

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